You are taking your first courageous steps
to becoming all that you were created to be!

Help is only a phone call away. Beginning the path to restoration is a big step and requires strength and courage. More people are finding that eCounseling is an effective and fulfilling way to improve their lives and relationships.

As a Certified Trauma Resolution and Wellness Therapist, Ms. Moore’s objective is to help you discover your true path to a gratifying and vigorous life. She is dedicated to providing a safe, non-judgmental environment that fosters open exploration and discovery of your inner peace and wisdom.

Ms. Moore has researched a vast array of psychological and therapeutic processes and incorporated the wisdom of her professional predecessors to perfect her restorative methods. Her Peace Through Understanding Method is a unique system that draws from the symbols, concepts, and beliefs of the individual thereby maximizing the effectiveness and personal nature of her treatment.

Ms. Moore developed her Peace Through Understanding Method
to include methodologies from Mindfulness, Experiential Therapy, Systems Theory, Internal Family Systems, and Neuropsychology research along with the wisdom of various spiritual traditions. Her system was inspired by her own personal renewal journey and the journeys of others and is tailored to the needs and experiences of each individual she treats. Ms. Moore has successfully aided people from numerous backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic positions. Many clients are surprised by their rapid recovery and the ease with which their sense of well-being is restored.

Peace Through Understanding

"I now have the tools that enable me to manage myself therefore I am and, God willing, will continue to be a better father, husband and friend."

39 year old male